In Celebration of Clark


What can one man in the #Apostake hope to achieve against the might of a Mormon superhero?

Against one who says whatever he is told to say no matter what. One who defies the might of all who believe in common sense and free thinking. One who repeats fixed ideologies that have no relevance to reality.

Today we honor a man who, while not always the most…something – I’m not sure what, at least does not shy away from defending his religion.

@clarkherlin will show ye the error of your ways, O’ fool with little Mormon faith.

The 12 Apostles of Utah?! Actually, there are 15.



Don’t let rattlesnakes. Don’t you dare let them.



It is an independently tested and verified fact that the Mormon God exists. Screw those who don’t agree.



“I made this my rule: When the Lord commands, do it.” – Joseph Smith



Ah, ah, ah!

You’re damn right I’m going to plug my account into this post.



Lol, why would I want to read an unbiased, objective opinion? Just trust the salesman who’s selling the product, silly!


There are, perhaps, thousands more of this stuff, wherever it came from.


But is there hope for Clark? Find out, only on!



Phichol Medici

The Truth that is Pain

Recently I had a death in family. As with any death, it can be heart wrenching. With tears in my eyes, I cuddled my kids, and we encircled this family member as they passed on, I had to step back and remember simpler times. The times when I was a Mormon. 

It has been some time since I left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I miss knowing without a doubt where I came from and where I was going. I had to stay silent as my wife explained to my kids how this family member wasn’t in pain any longer, and how they were enjoying the afterlife with other relatives that had already passed on.
Sometimes I wish the church was still true.