All homosexuals are damnable sinners


I am not being sarcastic or quoting someone.

Homosexuals are, quite literally, damnable sinners. What I do not get is why some of them are offended by this concept.

They commit sin, a word that means a deviation from the commandments of God.

It does not mean a deviation from moral principles. Sin is an arbitrary concept that any random, self-proclaimed “Prophet” or religious person can think up. Take tea-drinking as an example. In Mormonism, tea-drinking is a sin. How many non-Mormons consider it to be immoral?

Sin has no traceable basis. How could it when (the Mormon) God himself has not been traced?

As far as we know, homosexuality’s origins as a “sin” may pertain more to fiction than truth. After all, the relevant Biblical verses could have been interpolations by bigoted parties, instead of God’s intended words (that is, if you sustain the Bible as God’s book).

Homosexuals are damnable. They are not pleasing unto God for they are not pleasurable unto women. According to much Abrahamic scripture and leaders, their bedroom antics will be punished with hellfire, everlasting fire, divine execution, whatever.

What they do is abomination (as Leviticus 18:22 infamously points out).

Yes, homosexuality is a sin in Christianity/Mormonism, if you believe in Leviticus and many of the other frequently canonized books in the King James Bible.

But why does that matter?


Phichol Medici

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  1. Holly

    Funny thing is that homosexuality does not play that big a role, one way or another, in the book of mormon


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