Apostake Fools.

Screw the “ApoStake” movement.

What crazy mentality of ours compels us to persecute the Mormons so? It’s not like we have had bad experiences in the Church. It’s not like we are justly speaking out against a group that wants to ensnare us and the world in nonsense.

Thoughts like that – that all comes from the Mormon Satan! The same Mormon Satan that Joseph Smith created, the man who was trying to sell his religion a few centuries ago.

It’s not like religion has a major impact on the world or anything. We should not waste our time spreading awareness about harmful cults or anything of an intellectual slant.

Let us sing about dead people instead.
At the very least, we can delve into Christian Native American warrior stories time and time again.

Mormons just want to spread love and make life better. So why are we quick to refuse their advances?

We should follow the will of the American Mormon God, as spoken through the mouths of those that hail from The Utah. What possible reason could they have to lie to us?

No other cult, religion, or organization has ever had charismatic white leaders that have misled interested parties. A Prophet will not lead us astray! Mormon scripture itself testifies of this – how could it be erroneous?!

I implore each and every one of the ApoStake to lay down their intellectual arms and join the Mormons in their assimilation goals.


As President Hinckley said, “When life becomes too hard to stand, kneel”. We should all suspend our individuality and freedom, choosing instead to lean upon Mormon leaders.

The only way Planet Earth will live up to its full potential is if everyone joins hands in sustaining the 19th century American Prophet Joseph Smith and his Bible sequels.

We should give, yea, even to the Church of all goodness and light. We should lust, yes, but lust in a manner that pleases the American Jesus, as he leers at us in our private hours. We should use tobacco, okay, but only for cattle and stuff.

Science has proven this Church is correct, every step of the way.
Don’t…don’t ask me how. Just believe and…shut up. No questions. Or ask questions that don’t involve doubt, but only get you more interested in the Church.

I leave these things with you in the name of


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